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Title : Water Demand Estimation in Urban Areas Based on Population Forecasting Using GIS Analysis Modeling

Abstract :

The current study relied on the adequacy of drinking water in the city of Sulaimani, and for the purpose of knowing the adequacy of the amount of water produced from projects that feed the city, the actual production amount of these projects is divided by the estimated population of the years 2010-2032 in light of the approved standard for the current year and then compared with water demand in the mentioned period by applying some of statistical analysis techniques for infrastructure projects management . The management of infrastructure in general and water distribution in specific is one of the most important challenges faced by the cities of the developing world, because of the delay in many service and development areas and it becomes more difficult when it comes to a city such as the city of Sulaimani in Kurdistan region of Iraq, which suffered for many years from suppress of political and economic bad conditions. Hence the research as a case study in the management of water demand by using GIS and Satellite remote sensing techniques. The research aims to identify how to manage the water distribution networks in some of urban areas of Sulaimani city to help decision makers reach less costly and timely solutions through the collection, storage, editing, analysis and managing of geodatabase, with focusing on mixed methods analysis of water distribution and demand for problem solving through spatial and statistical analysis. ArcGIS and other database software have been proposed as a means of building database on the systems and networks used to provide more accessible water demand estimation

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