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Title : Views of Instructors towards Visual Designs of Turkish Primary School Textbooks in TRNC

Abstract :

Course books as basic material of Turkish course are required to be designed based on visual design principles. This research aims to examine the views of instructors working in Fine Arts Faculties of universities in TRNC on primary school Turkish course books based on design principles. Semi-structured interview method as a qualitative approach was used in the research. Study group involved 15 instructors working at Fine Arts Faculties of universities in TRNC. An interview form was used to collect the data. The recorded interviews were transcribed into written documents and analyzed with content analysis method. According to the results, it was determined that general views of instructors on Turkish course books within principles of design were negative. Instructors also stated that there are crucial points in the books that needs to be improved and they provided recommendations on this issue. Results obtained from this research were discussed with relevant literature and recommendations for further research and practices were also pr

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