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Title : Validation of Learning Management System (LMS) of E-Problem-Based Learning Based on Scientific Communication Skill and Plagiarism Checker

Abstract :

This research aims to obtain the feasibility of Learning Management System (LMS) of E-Problem Based Learning (PBL) based on scientific communication skills and plagiarism checker. The type of research is Research & Development. The subjects of this study are experts and practitioners of information technology and students of graduate program in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teacher Education, using Natural Sciences learning materials. The research instrument is a Likert scale questionnaire. Data is analyzed by calculating the average results of the validation of three experts/practitioners, then the average results is interpreted through categorization and description of the results of plagiarism checker. The results show that the average expert/practitioner assessment of the feasibility of LMS prototype of E-PBL using scientific communication skills and plagiarism checker with the aspects of rationality, user friendly, user interface, prototype characteristics, website dashboard, semester learning plans, stages of running prototype, and evaluation is obtained by the average score of 4.78 (very valid). The results of the implementation of plagiarism checker in the LMS E-PBL obtain an average unique increase of 8.30%. Thus, the LMS E-PBL based on scientific communication skills and plagiarism checker is feasible to be implemented in learning. This research can contribute the findings of a website-based-learning LMS platform that is adaptive to problem-based learning and plagiarism checker, so that students can learn in groups independently under the teacher’s guidance without doing plagiarism

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