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Title : Utilize smartphone as a novel detector for enzymatic urea hydrolysis in microfluidic system

Abstract :

In this work, PMMA (Poly methyl methacrylate) microfluidic system was used as a micro-reactor for urea hydrolysis by urease enzyme with use conductivity principle and utilize sound level meter(SLM) App in smartphone as a novel detector by considering the peak height in the App as an indicate for urea concentration. the advantage of use small volume and how the reaction carried on in the microfluidic system with simple and low cost are discussed, and the results were analyzed and statically determine. The linearity, detection limit (3├Śnoise) and Correlation Coefficient, 62.5-500 ppm, 31.25 ppm and 0.992 respectively also, recovery studied were between (98.5-100.13%).

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