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Title : Using support vector machine to classify of rhizomes based on odor

Abstract :

Rhizome is a kind of herbal plant that has many benefits for health. There are many kinds of rhizomes in Indonesia, such as temuireng, temulawak and temumangga, which have similarities in color, shape and odor. Therefore, for ordinary people, they are difficult to be identified. In this study, some rhizomes were classified into three classes, namely the class of temuireng, temulawak and temumangga based on their odor. The odor of a rhizome was captured by a TGS2600 sensor which was connected to the raspberry phi 3B in the voltage value. The voltage data ware taken in 20 minutes for each class before classification process using a multiclass support vector machine with the one-against-one method. Results showed that the support vector machine could classify the type of a rhizome based on its odor with 98.8% accuracy

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