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Title : Using Statistical Regression to Determine Permeability in Un-Cored Well Sections

Abstract :

The study intends to interpretation of well logs to determine the petrophysical 
parameter such us pore pressure, Capillary pressure and Mineralogy for Nahr Umr formation in Ratawi field. This field is located at 70 km from Basra city and 12 Km in parallel to north Rumaila field and it is considered as one of the 
important fields in Iraq because of the high production of oil.
we used IP software in this research IP gives an incredibly capable and customizable solution to share and interpret well logs and many other vital data types. IP delivers sophisticated data management, calculation and deterministic 
workflow capabilities as standard. IP Basic helps analyses, visualize and share 
data to rapidly produce rigorous and reliable interpretations for a single well. 

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