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Title : Using Statistical Regression to Determine Permeability in Un-Cored Well Sections

Abstract :

Permeability is the most essential parameter in reservoir characterization, reservoir management, and forecast the future performance of the reservoir. Permeability is directly measured from core routine analysis and well testing, these techniques are of highly costs; for that reason, a correlation is to be generated in order to estimate permeability in un-cored wells. Cross plot shows that Mishrif reservoir consists mainly of limestone with an amount of sand and little shale. Plot of permeability versus porosity for well Amarah-5, show a (correlation coefficient) of (0.6767) by using best fit line. The flow zone indicator method shows that Mishrif formation consists of eight units of flow (hydraulic units), and the obtained regression was with correlation coefficient between (0.872 - 0.994). By using Grace Program (Alternative Conditional Expectation) to generate a correlation, using normal logarthim of gamma ray, and neutron porosity as independent parameters, which gives correlation coefficient of 0.809. The flow zone indicator correlation is the best regression to estimate permeability; because the reservoir is divided into multiple units which reduce heterogeneity

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