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Title : Using Digital Media for Teachers Training on Sustainability Water in Bandung

Abstract :

The Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) program, which is education for the development of elements that occur continuously or sustainably, was born amid an environmental crisis in all regions including Bandung City. The environmental crisis includes the water crisis. The sustainability of water for life is increasingly critical, people find it difficult to get water during the dry season and get floods when it rains. Therefore, it requires public awareness to care and understand water management techniques for life. In this study, researchers used an effective way of education through digital technology-based educational media, such as animation, video, web, Apps/APK in one training aimed at elementary school teachers. This research method is grounded research by taking to the field educating thirty elementary school teachers in Bandung City about Sustainability Water. The training is conducted for half a year. After the teachers underwent the program, the researchers distributed questionnaires about the success of the program. Analyze the data by analytic descriptive. All respondents thought this program helped them gain insight into Sustainability Water

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