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Title : Using ANSYS Software to Analyze The Piled-Raft Foundation

Abstract :

Raft foundation that lays over the whole area of the constructions, transferring the whole building loads and decreases the differential precipitation while the piles are relatively tall, slender elements that transfer the loads of  the foundation through the soil layer of the least bearing capacity to deepest layer of the rock or soil that possessing a big capacity of bearing. In the last decades, a foundation with piled-raft that is a combined structure containing pile and raft has been confirmed as a better replacement in lieu of the typical raft or pile foundations., The analysis of foundation with piled-raft that have been concluded In this research via using ANSYS software for finite element method. For more comprehension to the manner of a foundation with piled-raft, manual solutions have been showed us in the moderate sand with  various diameters of piles and the lengths of piles in various components. We have been discovered that the Pile's diameter has an important impact on the maximum capacity of a foundation with piled-raft while the length of the pile does not have a plentiful importance. We have been concluded that the ideal collection of the diameter of the pile with (0.5) m within the middle of a foundation that have (0.4) m within the crests of a foundation is resulting the maximum load around (4.45) MN and having precipitation of (26.76) mm which is an acceptable limits.

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