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Title : Unfolding the Message from the City Gas Sector in Indonesia

Abstract :

One of the milestones any company or industry should consistently achieve is the long-term steady growth. That nonetheless is precisely the position of natural gas distribution sector-without exception. Year-over-year statistical data should portray the broader picture of city gas sector in Indonesia that can possibly be explained by considering a number of key elements such as the workforces involved in the industry, wages that have to be spent on the labours and finally yet importantly volume of natural gas distributed for the city consumers. Throughout this particular study, a set of variables taken into account and then subsequently perform the analysis by using multivariate regression analysis as the selected method. The purpose of this particular study is to explain a better understanding of Indonesia’s city gas distribution sector. The methodology used in this study is the multivariate linear regression. In general, this paper is directed toward defining the notion of the growth of natural gas distribution sector in Indonesia. At the end of this study, the linear model effectively explains the strong correlation between the revenue (dependent variable) of the city gas distribution sector with other independent variables predictors) and fits to represent the macro perspective of city gas sector in Indonesia. In that respect, by incorporating a number of variables as the input of regression analysis tools, the expected result is a model that can be applied to predict the long-term growth

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