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Title : Time Series Forecasting the Quantity of Municipal Solid Waste Generation Using Linear Regression Integrated with Moving Average in Mekelle City - Ethiopia

Abstract :

In highly populated areas like urban areas municipal solid waste (MSW) increases from time to time and it becomes serious issue recently. So it very important to make prediction of the wastes for designing and preparing enough land fill or any other mechanism used to store wastes, to hire enough man power and management system and preparing materials necessary etc. which are used to control the municipal solid waste. In this study Moving Average and linear regression method was used to forecast the municipal solid waste of mekelle city. Thus, the obtained equation used to forecast was, Y=0.757808*X+4.29 equation found used to forecast the proposed wastes. The Mean Average Percentage Error (MAPE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) was used as performance indicators for comparison between predicted and actual data Thus the result of the indicators showed acceptable error (very small error) and this indicated their good agreement between predicted and actual data.

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