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Title : Theoretical and Experimental Evalaution of Vapor Compression Refrigeration System Using R134a as a working Fluid

Abstract :

The purpose of this study is to compare the theoretical and experimental results of (COP), (RC), (HC), and (Win) for a cooling system by using R134a as a refrigerant. The experimental facility has been installed in the lab and experiment was conducted for several days at average temperatures of the evaporator and condenser between (517.5∘C), (28.537 ∘C) respectively. Results obtained from experiment showed that the increasing of the evaporator temperatures leads to increasing the COP of the system, while increasing the condenser temperatures leads to deceasing of COP of the system. The simulation for a vapor compression refrigeration system was done by using ANSYS FLUENT 19.0 software. The degree of similarity between practical and theoretical results is close to 99%. In the second step of the research plan, the simulation for a vapor compression refrigeration system using ANSYS FLUENT 19.0 software will use for adding the nanoparticles into the refrigerant R134a to investigate the effect of adding the nanoparticles on the performance of the system and thermos physical properties.

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