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Title : The Weir Model Filled With Water to Prevent Flooding and Tides in The Semarang City, Indonesia

Abstract :

This study analyzes the effectiveness of water-filled rubber weirs from the hydraulic aspect, rolling force stability and shear force on numerical models. The aim is to obtain a form of rubber weir and is easy to use to prevent tides from entering the land and to find the right material characteristics. The research method used prototype weir in the laboratory with a variation of the simulation model of the elevation of the water surface upstream from (5 cm to 50 cm) in the form of trapezoid weir and given the weir arm model with length variations. The variables studied were the calculation of weir's own load and the hydrostatic calculation to find vertical and horizontal moments. Laboratory test results showed that the weir's weight alone was able to withstand the rolling force from the upstream of 3567.27 N/m, and the shear force of 1.20 N/m. The conclusion of this study states that the weir's own weight has a stability figure equal to or higher than 1.20. So that the weir is safe from rolling and sliding, so by modeling a trapezoid- shaped weir it can prevent floods and tides

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