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Title : The use of antiretroviral therapy (ARV) in HIV/AIDS patients

Abstract :

National HIV patient participation in receiving antiretroviral (ARV) therapy is 33%. HIV patients undergoing ARV therapy complain of the emergence of therapeutic toxicity. The purpose of this study was to determine the immunodeficiency stage (CD4 cell count) and degree of toxicity (hematological and clinical chemistry values). This type of research is descriptive research. Data collection was carried out using the cross-sectional method. Data collection involved 32 HIV patients who received ARV therapy services in KRT Setjonegoro Regional Hospital. The study subjects were determined non-randomly with the criteria: having undergone controlled therapy >6 months and aged ≥15 years. The exclusion criteria for this study were patients referred out of care during the study. This research activity has received approval (ethical clearance) Research Ethics Commission of the Faculty of Medicine, Gajah Mada University. The results of this study for the characteristics of patients as many as 19 people (59.40%) are male and 13 people (40.60%) are female. Age of HIV patients 18-44 years as many as 29 people (90.60%) and 45-59 years as many as 3 people (9.40%). Education of elementary school patients as many as 13 people (40.60%), secondary schools 14 people (43.80%) and colleges 5 people (15.60%). Clinical stage of the patient, stadium 1 were 14 people (43.80%), stage 2 were 4 people (12.50%), stage 3 were 2 people (37.50%) and stage 4 were 2 people (6.30%). The efficacy of patients with CD4 parameters showed 17 patients (53.00%) patients did not experience immunodeficiency and mild toxicity experienced by 2 patients (6.30%) HIV who received antiretroviral therapy

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