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Title : The Relationship of Causal Factors Affecting the Administration Efficiency of Thailand: Case of Greenhouse Gas Emission under Thai Law

Abstract :

This study aims to analyze the forecasting the GHG emission, population, GDP growth of energy consumption in the Industries sectors. The scope of the study covers the analysis of energy consumption, and the forecasting of GHG emission population, GDP growth of energy consumption for the next 10 years (2016-2025), and 20 years (2016-2035) by using Vector Autoregressive Model: VAR Model from the Input-output table of Thailand. The result show that petroleum has the highest level of energy consumption, followed by Other Petroleum Products, Cement, Ceramic and Earthen Wares, Cosmetic, fertilizer and pesticides, soap and cleaning preparations, rubber sheet and block rubber, and petroleum refineries, respectively. The prediction results show that these models are effective in forecasting measured by using RMSE, MAE, and MAPE. The results forecast of each model are as follows: 1) Model 1(2,1,1) shows that GHG emission will, increasing steadily to 25.71% by the year 2025 in comparison to 2016.2) Model 2 (2,1,2) shows that GHG emission will rise steadily, increasing to 45.20% by the year 2035 in comparison to 2016

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