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Title : The Potential and Effectiveness of Three Botanical Fungicides to Control Stem Rot Disease in Peanuts

Abstract :

This study aims to examine the ability of natural essential oils extracting from plants to control stem rot disease. The experiment was conducted at the Balittro, from July to November 2017, using a randomized block design consisting of seven treatments with four replicates. The plot size was 2 x 2 m and planted with peanut of local variety (Payo, Solok City) 9 plant: 1) JAI1: Cinnamon leaf oil (Cinnamomum burmanii) spraying once week, 2.) JAI2: spraying cinnamon leaves once every two weeks, 3). JBI1: bamboo piper oil (Piper aduncum) spraying once a week, 4). JBI2: weekly spraying of bamboo piper oil, 5). JCI1: citronella oil (Androphogon nardus) spraying once a week, 6). JCI2: citronella oil is spraying once every two weeks and 7). J0: without fungicides (controls). The formulated essential oil distillated from cinnamon leaves, bamboo piper and citronella were sprayed every week or two weeks, with dosage 3000 ppm. Parameters observed including the percentage and intensity of disease attack observed for six times. Observation of agronomic parameters included plant height and number of branches, pod number, weight per clump and weight 100 seeds. The results showed that botanical fungicide essential oils of citronella and bamboo piper have a higher ability compared to cinnamon leaf in controlling stem rot disease of peanuts (84.85% and 65.65%). Vegetative growth of peanuts treated with, essential oils of citronella, bamboo piper is better than cinnamon leaves and without fungicides. The amount of peanut fruit weight, weight per clump and weight of 100 seeds was significantly higher (51.74 g) than the fungicide treatment of essential oils of citronella oil and bamboo piper oil. The implication of the study is botanical fungicide derived from citronella and bamboo piper offered an environmentally sound solution to overcome the attack of stem rot disease in peanuts plants

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