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Title : The Moderating Role of Credit Card Usage on the Relationship Between Money Power Prestige, Money Distrust, and Money Anxiety with Compulsive Buying

Abstract :

This study aims to examine the role of credit card usage moderation on the relationship between Money Power Prestige, Money Distribution, and Money Anxiety with Compulsive Buying in e-commerce in Indonesia. This study involved 302 credit card users who had shopped at e-commerce. The research uses non-probability sampling and SEM-PLS to analyze data. The results revealed that only the first hypothesis (the effect of money power prestige on compulsive buying) was proven significant. The rest of the predictions are unsupported. Credit card usage did not show to moderate the relationship between independent and dependent variables. Thus, recommendations for future research are: First, testing the conceptual research model by involving Generation X respondents. Second, replacing variable credit card usage with digital money usage as a moderator. Third, by using digital payment as a moderator variable for future research, it is recommended that research involve primarily Millennial and Postmillennial consumers

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