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Title : The Intention and Use Behaviour of the Mobile Banking System in Indonesia: UTAUT Model

Abstract :

This paper reports the result of the investigation of UTAUT model implementation's implementation of intentions and behavior to use m-banking among Indonesian customers. The population is the unknown number of m- banking users. Therefore, non-probability or convenience sampling techniques are implemented here. Samples total successfully collected and used was 137 respondents. We use Structural Equation Modeling analysis techniques. The effect of performance expectancy on the behavior intention is insignificant, but the effect of effort expectancy is positive and significant. Likewise, the effect of social influencing on the intention to use is irrelevant, but the impact of facilitating conditions is positive and significant. The impact of behavior intention on use behavior is positive and significant. This paper's originality is that the determinants of intention and behavior to use m-banking among urban and millennial generation in Indonesia are effort expectancy and facilitating conditions. The urban and millennial generation is more individualistic than collectivistic. So they do not need social influence to aware benefits of using m-banking. They use m-banking, especially for individual and daily activities purpose than to help their work, so performance expectancy is not a factor that influences them to use m-banking

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