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Title : The Importance of Main Root Diameter in Alfalfa Plant Breeding

Abstract :

Economic and ecological crisis has led to a sharp decrease in the amounts of fertilizers application, perennial herbs cultivation areas and neglection of crop rotations, resulting in soil properties deterioration and a decrease in their fertility. Alfalfa is a strategic crop for the improvement of current poor conditions of soils due to its phytoremediation facilities and nitrogen accumulation. The aim of the study is to determine morphological traits of different alfalfa genotypes in the field conditions by direct measurements and establish relationships between the roots and green biomass using correlation, variation, and analysis of variance. We determined that the main root diameter ranges from 5.10 to 7.80 mm, the variation of the trait is 26.40-31.40%. The main root diameter increased up to 6.70-6.90 mm is associated with an increased green biomass by 4.75-6.37 g, and an increased root biomass by 4.71-5.26 g. The dependence of green biomass productivity and roots was determined as an indirect criterion for plant breeding. Plant breeding by the main root diameter favor for stabilization of the plants with the main root of more than 6.0 mm in diameter, increases productivity of the crop

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