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Title : The Impact of Total Quality Management and Perceived Service Quality on Patient Satisfaction and Behavior Intention in Palestinian Healthcare Organizations

Abstract :

This study aims at investigating the linkage between total quality management (TQM), perceived service quality (PSQ), as well as their impact on the patient satisfaction (PS) and behavior intentions (BIs) among Palestinian healthcare organizations.Drawing on a survey, results clearly indicated that TQM significantly affects PSQ and PS; PSQ positively influence PS and BIs and BIs are influenced positively by PS. Moreover, the positive link between PSQ and BIs is mediated by PS. A final model was developed that shows that both TQM and PSQ directly influence PS and BIs. On the basis of the results of this study, hospital managers are suggested to design management strategies that are more patient-centred and emphasize on technical as well as functional capabilities of the service providers in order to live up to the client’s expectations. The noteworthy contributions of this study, to the relevant literature, are the establishment of the direct effect of PSQ on BIs of customers and the confirmation of the mediating effect of PS on the positive link between PSQ and BIs. These findings are deemed significant in strategic planning leading to better customer satisfaction

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