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Title : The Factors Affecting Intention to Use Google Meet Amid Online Meeting Platforms Competition in Indonesia

Abstract :

The study aims to apply the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to investigate the factors affecting behavior intention to use Google Meet amid online meeting platform competition in Indonesia. The study called students of master of management program at a university in Jakarta to answer online questionnaires. They are students who use Google Meet as a learning tool during the Covid-19 pandemic. The findings are that users who feel that use the platforms are easy, so they will perceive the platforms' benefits, and it will increase a positive attitude towards the platforms. Users who perceive the benefits of platforms will have a positive attitude towards the platforms. Then, a positive attitude to the platforms creates interest in the acceptance of the platforms. The attitude variable plays a mediating role in this TAM. This paper's original research is the first research on applying the TAM to investigate the online meeting tool product's adoption during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in Indonesia. This paper will encourage future research to examine the TAM or other theoretical framework of technology acceptance for other meeting platforms or conduct a comparative study

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