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Title : The Effectiveness of Wire Mesh to Protect Landslide Rockfall Type

Abstract :

Landslide disaster is a geological event because the mass of rock or soil undergoes changes or movements such as falls and shifts from its original position. Meanwhile, landslides are a natural disaster that often occurs in Indonesia, this is Indonesia is an area prone to earthquakes, because Indonesia is a meeting point between three active tectonic plates, namely the Indo-Australian plate, the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate. This research only focus to analysis rockfall types landslides, this type of landslide often occurs in rock areas, East Nusa Tenggara Province. The method used to analyze the effectiveness of rockfall type lanslide handling is to calculate the largest volume of rock that has the potential to fall by using kinematic analysis so that the handling used can function optimally. The result of analysis, it is known that in one layer of landslide plane, several alternatives can be used for different number and distance of nailing, which are calculated based on the estimated maximum load of the fallen rock, so that the use of wire mesh can be more effective.

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