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Title : The Effect of Cybersecurity Competency Towards IoT Readiness: A Study On ICT Workforce In Malaysia

Abstract :

The proliferation of IoT devices has driven new opportunities in many aspects of human life. The adoption of IoT technologies in an organization is expected to facilitate and improve the organization’s processes and operations. However, there are growing concerns about the failure of IoT implementation in an organization due to employees’ lack of readiness. The issue is deepened with the increase of security risk as the technologies come with vulnerabilities and prone to undetected threats. Therefore, the needs for the employees to be equipped with cybersecurity knowledge and skills are inevitable, to ensure seamless operation during the IoT adoption. The objective of this paper is two-fold: First, this paper aims to present current evidence of ICT employee’s readiness to adopt different aspects of IoT technologies in their organization. Second, to analyze the importance of cybersecurity competency towards IoT readiness as it pertains to ICT employees in Malaysia. This paper adopted a quantitative methodology where data from a survey (N=203) of ICT employees is analyzed. This study offers understandings of which cybersecurity competency area could affect employees’ IoT readiness in an organization.  The findings show that the current level of IoT readiness of the ICT workforce in Malaysia is somewhat low. Additionally, findings have shown there is a significant difference in IoT readiness in the ethnicity and job position groups. Finally, the findings reveal that knowledge, skills, and ability in cybersecurity is positively correlated with ICT employees’ IoT readiness. This study may benefit other decision-makers attempting to understand employee standpoint’s on IoT readiness in their organization

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