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Title : The effect of columns end twisting due to molds movement on column capability to carry the applied loads of Al - Masbah Telecom center in Iraq

Abstract :

Concrete construction process faces a lot of problems seeking them continuously can raise the efficiency of construction process and concrete members. One of the major problems which occurred in concrete structure projects is the movement of the wood mold during construction, the concrete member may deform and case a deterioration of other surrounding structural members. This study investigates one of the critical problems in the building of Al-Masbah Telecom Center Company in Iraq. The twisting of the upper ends of the columns 25 mm was occurred while the lower end remains fixed, this rotation was achieved due to the movement of the wooden mold during construction process. This certain problem required re-analysis and extensive study to take a decision regarding the adequacy of column capability to carry applied load and redistribution of stresses in all structural members. The structural calculations revealed that there was no effect due to end twisting on column capability to carry the applied loads and structure stability. This study focuses on repairing one of a telecommunications concrete buildings in Baghdad (capital of Iraq); the damage in building was carried out due to twisting of columns as a result of movement in the mold during construction. This study includes an illustration of the damage causes and repairing methods. It is also includes a theoretical calculations of capacity of    these columns after damage occurrence, and comparing the results with capacity of undamaged columns. This study also dealing with a reanalysis of the structure carrying capacity for applied loads

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