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Title : The Design of English Grammar Teaching and Learning Model Through Gamification

Abstract :

One of the challenges faced by students and teachers in learning English is to master the grammar and to teach grammar. English grammar is subjective with various subtopics but an essential yet challenging grammar topic to be learned is Subject-Verb-Agreement (SVA). Currently, teachers encounter limited choices acquiring and using appropriate teaching aids or technology applications to teach English grammar. Thus, the study aims to propose new approach in English grammar teaching and learning (T&L) through gamification.  A conceptual model of the design is developed by integrating T&L methods; Subject-Verb-Agreement (SVA) grammatical formula (Grammar Formula – Gramula); and appropriate Multimedia and game elements to facilitate remembering, memorization and application. Based on the model, a gamification application is developed based on Game Development Software Engineering Methodology (GDSE). GDSE consists of four phases which are design, development, testing and evaluation. Gamification elements such as storytelling, conflict, strategy, feedback and rewards are incorporated in the gamification application entitled Lost and Found. Usability evaluation of the application has been conducted involving 10 MRSM English teachers and 50 Form 1 students of MRSM PDRM Kulim. The results show 84% of teachers and 82% of students agreed that the application is suitable as teaching and learning aid in mastering the complicated English grammar.

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