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Title : The Characteristics of Business Places Within Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) In Jakarta In Terms of Proximities to Transit Stations and Urban Centers

Abstract :

Jakarta has a long history of mass rail transit (MRT). At present, the MRT in Jakarta is being rejuvenated with the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Many writers mentioned how businesses could benefit from proximity to a transit station within a TOD. However, the idea of TOD can be considered new to Jakarta. To understand how TOD can be developed to benefit business places, the purpose of the study reported in this paper is to understand the characteristics of business places within a TOD area in Jakarta. One of the common characteristics of a business place related to a TOD is its proximity to a transit station and activity centers near a TOD. There are 18 variables of proximity being examined in this study. By using Factor Analysis, five factors were extracted from those variables. Factor-1 represents walking and bus ride proximity. Factor-2 and Factor-3 are proximity in terms of vehicular routes to/from transit stations from/to a business place. Factor-4 is proximity to urban activity centers, and Factor-5 is proximity to feeder lines and paratransit stops. This study also shows two types of TOD related to the characteristics of business places in Jakarta. One is the compact TOD located in the urban center of Jakarta, and the other is the loose TOD located in the periurban. Further results show road severance that differentiates vehicular route proximity into Factor-2 and Factor-3. There is also an indicator of competition between formal public transportation such as BRT and paratransit, which acts as a feeder line to MRT.

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