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Title : Temperature of Electron Inside and Outside of Atom

Abstract :

The objective of this work is to calculate the temperature of the entire electron present in an atom with and without external energy. This is a theoretical model for the calculation of the temperature of the electron. For this work, the temperature of electrons for hydrogen and hydrogen-like atoms (Lithium, Sodium, and Potassium) are calculated. The calculation and derived relation show temperature vary with the quantum number, absorption energy, and atomic number. The calculated temperature ranges from 105K to 107K for hydrogen likes atom. The temperature of the electron before absorption of the energy is less than after the absorption when threshold energy is less than work function. The temperature of the electron is also found decreasing with increasing in quantum numbers for an atom. When the absorption of energy by the electron is greater than the work function than the temperature of the photoelectric electron is dependent on the energy of the incidence photon. The best fit for the graph plotted from the derived equation of temperature is fitted with the 5th-degree polynomial equation.

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