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Title : Technologies for Storage & Warehouse Management of Coffee Beans in Ethiopia

Abstract :

The European Union (EU) has recently established maximum limits for Ochratoxin A (OTA) in roasted and soluble coffee as well as for green coffee. Some countries have already established national limits for OTA in green coffee. Cup quality is a complex characteristic which depends on a series of factors such as the species or variety, environmental conditions, agronomical practices, processing systems, storage conditions, industrial processing, beverage preparation and taste of the consumer. This research was carried out to assess coffee storage & warehousing operations along the supply chain coffee from farmers/ cooperative warehouse up to Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) and Ethiopian Agricultural Commodities Warehouse Service Enterprise (EACWSE) branch warehouse as a case study in Sidama & Gedio Zones. The study employed descriptive analysis in assessing warehousing practices and problems of Coffee supply chain. Site observations and semi structured research were employed as research data collection. Interview questions were sent to various stakeholders, who gave their views on various warehousing practices and problems in accordance with how such problems impacted or influence their work. All the warehouses are substandard. The warehouses situations accelerate quality deteriorations due to moisture loss. This condition creates disputes and source of conflict because of coffee weight loss and compensation schemes between the top management and store managers.  The field result demonstrates a lower level of material handling equipment uses. The warehouse operations are highly labour based. It was recommended that there should be effective strategy in adopting the FIFO principle, regulating trucks, introduction of weighbridge to speed up offloading process at the warehouses. The Coffee production and distribution traceability need to be supported by information communication technologies such as RFID

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