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Title : System Dynamic Model to the Future Demand in the Middle Region of Iraq

Abstract :

In fact, the proper / optimum operation of the national airport aviation system plays an important role in the economic development of each country. This means that the good planning for this concern is a pivotal issue since and future demand of an airport are needed to be evaluated. The purpose of this paper is to develop a dynamic model in tern of future airport demand to help airports developers in making decision about airport emergence in the middle region of Iraq. The nominated socio economic factors that dominates the proposed model are population, distance to core airport, possible passengers, mass of possible passenger, time of transport journey and cost of transportation journey. The nominated middle region of Iraq comprises two governorates and the consequent airports are Baghdad International Airport, Tikrit Airbase – East airport, Balad Air Base and Samarra East Airbase / Al Bakr Airfield. In addition, two markets are implemented, the first considers only are Baghdad International Airport, Tikrit Airbase – East airport and the other considers all the defined airports. Vensim software was used throughout the present study to implement the dynamic modeling and evaluating the future demand for the proposed markets. The results showed that the new emergency airport will have an increase in airport passengers at first till an optimum then such criterion will have been slightly inhibited. It is concluded from the second market implementation that Balad Air Base airport represents the best choice for emergency

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