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Title : Sulfonated Nata De Pina as Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Fuel Cell Application

Abstract :

The fuel cells of the electrolyte polymer membrane (PEMFC) and methanol fuel cell (DMFC) are one of the alternative energy sources of energy. This research aims to make the membrane material that environmentally friendly and inexpensive. The extract of the pineapple bark is fermented by the bacteria Acetobacter xylinum to produce nata de pina and the process of sulfonation is carried out with the help of microwaves. The Membrane is then characterized by measuring the capacity of the ion exchanger, contact angle, group analysis of functions with FTIR, degree of hercism, mechanical properties, proton conductivity, and morphological analysis with SEM. Characterization results indicate the best result of a well-sonicated membrane nata de pina is a 4-hour disulfonation membrane, with a capacity value of 3.47 mEq/g ion Exchanger, 112.05% degree of grazing 139.9. The resulting mechanical strength of the membrane increased significantly and the arrangement of cellulose fiber arrangement remained orderly

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