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Title : Studying the Thermoluminescence Properties of Flame Synthesized α-Al2O3:C

Abstract :

In this study, carbon doped α-Al2O3 phosphor was synthesized using oxygen lean oxy-acetylene flame. X-ray diffraction (XRD) was used for powder characterization. The temperature dependence of thermoluminescence (TL) intensities for the powders irradiated at different doses, from 10 to 150 Gray, was investigated. The XRD patterns showed that the synthesized powder was in the alpha alumina phase. The glow curves, obtained using TLD reader, showed three peaks: a main and two minor peaks. The main peak for Carbon doped α-Al2O3 occurred at 208 °C while the corresponding peak for the undoped α-Al2O3 occurred at 202 °C. The carbon doped alumina showed TL intensities of more than one order of magnitude higher than the undoped one. The TL response showed a good linearity with dose for both materials. The glow curves showed a first order behavior. The activation energy Eg of the thermally assisted photon release has been calculated. Activation energies of 0.98 eV for undoped α-Al2O3 and 0.83 eV for C-doped α-Al2O3 were obtained, for the samples irradiated at a dose of 150 Gy

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