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Title : Study the importance of Polarization coding and phase coding used in the Quantum Cryptography channel

Abstract :

The quantum Cryptography is a latter – day appliance in physics and information security, which employs the design of protocols to availing from quantum mechanics externals to assuredness the security of key distribution. in this work by using polarization and phase coding, all these are based on computer programs to discuss, analyze, compute the probability of error and the average of information received, compute the employee distance in polarization and phase coding by using parallel quantum cryptography. It was shown that the probability of error in parallel quantum cryptography is less than that for the single quantum cryptography. The results that the bit rate in the first one is larger than the other, because the noise in detector has more effect in wave length (1300 nm) than (1550 nm) and the relation between the optical length (distance) and the probability of correction. This relation is linear between them. There is another new coming cryptography method, which employs four mathematical processes with their tables, so hereupon been boosting the aptness of cryptography and the information security.

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