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Title : Study the effect of twisted tapes on thermal performance solar collector with using curvature vortex generators

Abstract :

Experiment investigation of twisted tapes insert have been performed for flat plate solar collector in laminar regime to study its effect on solar collector performance. Heat transfer rate and friction factor experiments were carried out with using twisted made from aluminum materials by using curvature vortex generators and fixed twist ratio(Y=2). Twisted tapes insertion was, typical twisted tape (TT), twisted tape with curved vortex generation in facing flow (TTFF). In order to expand the experimental range, the solar collector was tested at four different values of mass flow rate, from 0.025kg/s to 0.117kg/s. at Reynolds number Re from 400 to 2000. The results obtained were compared with those obtained from plain tube published data the results clearly indicate the enhancement of the Nusselt number by insert device. The results show that the Nusselt increasing with (31.4%-54%) by using twisted tape with curvature vortex generator (TTFF)

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