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Title : Study on minimizing impact when colliding between helmet frame and hard object flying at high speed

Abstract :

For athletes who play adventure sports such as baseball, hockey, or in the military, they often use helmets that require high strength. Consequently, helmets are often designed with additional bearing frames. Conventional collisions come from the direct collision of the helmet's shell, transmitting force onto the load-bearing frame of the helmet then shifting force to the head of the helmet. Therefore, the bearing frame structure significantly plays a vital role in human safety. This paper investigates a simulation solution to minimize the impact on the head of a person when the helmet frame is impacted with a rigid object moving at high velocity. The metal frame structure is calculated to provide the best bearing capacity, combined with Foams/Styrofoam material to absorb energy. From that, we propose solutions to improve the structure and select the appropriate materials to minimize the impact on the head of the helmet when the collision occurs. In this study, the authors used finite element analysis (FEA) and performed on ABAQUS software

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