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Title : Study of Chromium (Cr) and Lead (Pb) Distribution in Soil in Jetis District, Mojokerto, Indonesia

Abstract :

Jetis District, Mojokerto, Indonesia is one region with five major industries, where previous research found that well water in Lakardowo Village in Mojokerto had concentrations of Lead (Pb) and Chromium (Cr) that exceeded the quality standard. Pb is the most common heavy metal in the environment, while heavy metal Cr is the most toxic metal for living things and is commonly found as a component of hazardous waste. The purpose of this study is to obtain a map of the distribution of Pb and Cr in the soil in Jetis District. The mapping of the distribution of Pb and Cr metals in the soil uses a Geographic Information System (GIS). The location of soil sampling is determined through the Transect Area method and sampling is done using the Sample Ring method. The samples taken were extracted using Aqua Regia solvents and tested Pb and Cr concentrations using AAS (Atomic Absorp Spectrophotometer). Based on the transect method, 63 soil sampling points were obtained. The analysis shows that from 63 sample points there is 1 sample point with Pb concentration exceeding the quality standard (3 mg / L) which is 3.2358 mg / L, while the lowest concentration is 0, 12355 mg / L. Whereas in all sample points, the concentration of Cr metal is still carried by the quality standard (15 mg / L) which is obtained from the Cr concentration range from 0.0967 mg / L to 2.3080 mg / L

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