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Title : Storage Optimization in Social Media Applications using NoSQL Database

Abstract :

This paper presents the optimization of storage in social media application under NoSQL database. The NoSQL successful techniques interruption the old decoration in data storage industries and the researchers start to recompence more consideration to the performance of this technologies in response to marketplace demand. Therefore, the relational database is ongoing profligate its reputation because of severe structure dependence and cost infrastructures. This have cooperatively led to the problems in upgrades the software and hardware challenge. In big data analytic, innovative database models of NoSQL playing energetic roles in information storage. The features of social media have sub classes of 4- NoSQL databases for rapid query from community network site. The fast recovery phase and data storage of querying process are specified key important. The time occupied through inserting and reading operation of communal networks information of neuroses social media is compared and the results shows the greatest appropriate database from NoSQL chart for read and insert operation are identified.

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