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Title : Spontaneous Imbibition Test for Wettability Measurement Using the Weighing Method

Abstract :

Wettability is one of the parameters controlling fluid distribution and flow behavior in a porous media. The spontaneous imbibition is a major indicator for the type of wettability. A lot of qualitative and quantitative methods for wettability measurement were presented in the literature. The quantitative methods usually depend on the direct volume measurement for spontaneous imbibition evaluation. The weighing technique was equipped in this research to measure the spontaneous imbibition in addition to the direct volume measurement. Samples of different sizes taken from the same rock source were used. Results shows that there is a difference between the averaged values resulted from the weighted method and that resulted from the direct measurement. Also, there is a difference between the ultimate water saturation value for these samples in spite of that all of them are from the same source

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