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Title : Soil Micro Energy Harvester for IoT-WSN Application

Abstract :

one of the most important components in designing An IoT or wireless sensor network nodal is energy resources such as batteries. But this battery is limited and if it runs out it must be replaced. When the battery's energy source is replaced, the IoT or the wireless sensor network nodal is dead. In this paper the authors propose to examine the concept of a Soil micro energy harvester. This concept would be to use the potential energy from the ground and convert it into sufficient electrical energy to be used to power the wireless sensor network nodal. With this concept it can prolonged batteries life and if it possible to recharge the batteries of wireless sensor network nodal, thus prevent the wireless sensor network nodal to be dead during the operation. Using this concept, we manage to generate electricity with potential difference between electrodes at about 0,727 volt based on our experiment and 1,5 volt based on our calculation. Meanwhile for current based on our calculation we can get at about 74,434 microampere

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