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Title : Social Media : Instagram Influencer Affection to Customer (A Case Study Approach)

Abstract :

Social Media is a like a bridge that have function for connecting people from far away, or can be alternative to starting  the business. Social media have many platform. Instagram is one of them, it usually used to sharing the user’s photo or video and it can be aims to entertaining the user. Instagram can also be the platform to starting your own business. From Instagram we can sharing our photos and videos and can be promoted by Influencer or Ads that available from that platform. Influencer is a person who can influence some people with sharing real review from any brand that they used to. The followers can trusted the influencer because they really using the brand and felt the affect from the brand. Influencer usually has many followers and they mostly reviewing some brand that cooperate with them. So based on the result of analyzing  from this event, we can see the analysis of the work of influencer affection the customer

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