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Title : Smartphone use and addiction in high school students: Does it differ by gender? A polychoric correlation analysis

Abstract :

The interest to know about the use young people are giving to their Smartphone’s, leads us to analyze if the excessive use has generated some level of addiction in them. Moreover, we seek to identify if this behavior differs in relation to gender. The participants are high-school students enrolled at a public institution in the Port of Veracruz, Mexico. The sample was non-probabilistic since it was only authorized to survey those enrolled students who agreed to participate. A total of 164 students were surveyed. The SAS-SV scale designed by Kwon, Kim, Cho and Yang (2013) was used, which is made up by questions such as age and gender, as well as ten Likert-format questions. For its application, the survey was adapted to an electronic format (Google form) and delivered to all teachers, who in turn sent it to their students. Considering that it is a scaling instrument, it was necessary to use polychoric correlations matrices for the exploratory factor analysis as well as the ANOVA analysis. The main findings show three components: physiological, dependence and distraction, which explain 68% of the total variance. In addition, there is not gender differences were found.

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