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Title : Site-Specific Nutrient Management for Paddy Fields – Integration of Fertilizer Recommendation Formula into GIS

Abstract :

MARDI developed the RiceFert formulation to assist in fertilizer recommendation rate for optimal paddy growth. The formulation followed an adjustable soil test–target yield equation (ST-TY) into dedicated software. The output from the RiceFert software includes a total rate of N, P2O5, and K2O fertilizer (kg/ha) and split application or straight fertilizer rate (kg/ha). Additionally, the output from RiceFert was integrated to GIS to produce maps according to the specific fertilizer recommendation rates. With interpolation techniques, thematic maps added more information, such as total area coverage according to individual classification classes. This paper discusses the overall process of fertilizer recommendation rate for paddy fields, starting with the RiceFert formulation, followed by map production using interpolation techniques according to the fertilizer recommendation output. The RiceFert strategy is expected to benefit local authorities because it offers vital information to farmers for optimal rice growth and output.

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