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Title : Simulation of the fluid-dynamic behavior of a savonius rotor using an aerodynamic blade profile

Abstract :

There are 3 main types of wind turbines, their difference lies mainly in their type of rotor, the direction of their axis, and the shape of their blades. For the vertical axis, wind turbines are the Darrieus, Giromill, and Savonius. In the present study, a simulation of a variant of the savonius rotor is made by adapting an aerodynamic profile on its blades based on the design characteristics of a NACA 6506 profile. For the execution of the same, there will be a solid modeling software, in which will generate the geometry and physical characteristics of the selected design to be used in the savonius rotor variant, after this and with the help of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation, the fluid-dynamic behavior is evaluated, and the coefficient of performance of the same. Results were obtained from the comparison between the behavior of the designed rotor concerning its conventional savonius shape, where its generated power, power coefficient, and reached speeds are shown, analyzing that the adaptation of an aerodynamic profile improves the behavior of the rotor as it increases wind speed

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