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Title : Seismic Slope Stability of Earthen Dams: Modes of Failure effects and Behavior Characterization

Abstract :

Generally, the earthen dams are such types of unique structures that used wholly as an energy source and for irrigation facilities. The ability of using the local borrow materials to do the construction makes these structures are widely spread around the world. In addition, seismic loads can cause serious damage levels to earthen dam due to its inherent vulnerable nature which dictates that a considerable effort should be applied to perform safe designs. In this context, numerical modeling through finite element approach is considered a powerful tool to do a useful analyses procedure within this field. This study is devoted to investigate the effect of slope stability possible failure modes as well as to propose a framework to the seismic slope stability behavior of earthen dams. Two dimensional Finite element analyses procedure is selected to achieve the basic aim of this study by using Geo studio software. In addition, a representative section of Mindali earthen dam is selected as a case study and four slip surfaces are also established to represent the possible failure modes which are slope and foundation failure for both upstream and downstream. San Francisco earthquake is selected as the seismic load throughout this study. Furthermore, the maximum loss in factor of safety is also proposed to characterize the seismic slope stability of an earthen dams taking the effect of peak ground acceleration and earthquake scaled duration for such loss. The results showed that the calculated seismic factor of safety may take extreme levels within the earthquake time profile due to the energy release mechanism. Additionally, it is observed that there is a noticeable compatibility between the peak ground acceleration and the maximum loss in factor of safety for the proposed slip surfaces. Oppositely, no significant uniform context is obvious about the effect of earthquake scaled duration

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