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Title : Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Normal Strength Concrete and Reactive powder Concrete Eccentrically Loaded Frames

Abstract :

The purpose of this inv estigation is to study the effect of repeated load on reinforced concrete beam-columnconnections. Eight specimens were adopted in this investigation; four spec imens were poured with normal strengthconcrete, and other four specimens were poured with reactive po wder concrete. The frames dimensions are constant; 280mm and 200mm of beam height and width respectively with 1000mm beam length and 200mm square column with 700mmheight. The load was applied at mid-span and at a distance 150mm from the mid-span of beam. The reduction in framecapacity reached to 53.3% due to eccentricity. All tested specimens were failed at cycle 5 with different load level; . thedecrease in stiffness of cyclically loaded frames of normal strength concrete was higher than that of reactive powderconcrete frames. The deflections of cyclically loaded frames higher than that of statically loaded frames. In brief, the frameswith eccentrically and cyclically loading give lowest ultimate strength, first crack load and stiffness with highest deflections

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