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Title : Secure Patient Data Transmission Using Information Hiding System and Medical IoT

Abstract :

Evolution in the concealment of data was reflected in the medical field specifically on medical images and becoming more challenging and an enthusiastic area of research since the last decades over the dispersed IoTs. Hide information technology in the image is called steganography. The objective of this study is the preservation of privacy and confidentiality of data in uncertain surroundings during multimedia exchange joining two IoT hops. For attacker hindrance and, provision of data confidentiality, a resilient multilevel security perspective depending on information hiding and cryptography is suggested. The existing schemes have limitations related to the equilibrium trade-off amid two variables (medical image quality and security). In addition, the direct embedment of the secret data into the images and further subtraction of encrypted data from it often enables the intruders to easily detect and extract the hidden information. Based on these factors, we proposed multilevel security based on three random iterations with chosen a procedure that was implemented using Henon function to stop against cybercrimes challenges. Satisfying results, gained when benchmarking our results with the existing methods in literature through the same criteria

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