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Title : Secure Electronic Healthcare System Based on blockchain technology with Wireless body area network

Abstract :

The increasing number of persons with chronic illness has subjected many people to health-related difficulties due to the inability of the currently existing conventional medical practices to carter for the number of persons that require care. However, the emergence of biomedical sensors and modern communication techniques, such as the IoT, has revolutionized the healthcare system, particularly the electronic healthcare popularly known as "E-Healthcare". Being a non-invasive application, E-Healthcare is important in the remote monitoring of physical body condition and assists in the performance of traditional medical applications. This study proposes a blockchain-based E-Healthcare system for the provision of a secure and power-efficient healthcare solution; the proposed system relies on wireless body area networks "WBAN" for patient’s device networking and the blockchain technology for data transmission and storage. The evaluation of the presented approach showed that it requires fewer hardware to achieve a high level of security and stable performance

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