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Title : RMARS scale properties measured through EFA with factor extraction and ANOVA: A mathematical analysis with the difference of means and variances.

Abstract :

In this research we analyze the levels of math anxiety in high school students in the educational system of Telebachilleratos Comunitarios. The study was carried out by applying the RMARS questionnaire to a sample of 200 students located the suburban localities of Tejería and Medellín in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The results are analyzed and discussed based on the statistical procedure of the AFE and ANOVA. The values (KMO = .739; X2 = 286.057; gl = 3; p < .000; .730 < MSA < .751) which supports the rejection of Ho. The variance for RMARS 79 % is explained by three factors like [1]. In addition, gender differences were found in two factors

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