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Title : Risk Evaluation for Infected Registry of Ransomware

Abstract :

Ransomware is one of the cyber-attack which causes significant financial losses, especially for business companies. The growth of ransomware attacks may increase risk in the information technology industry such as cybersecurity. Recently, crypto-ransomware becomes a major threat to organization and user as its capability to encrypt the file activity bypassing antiviruses and anti-malware. In conjunction with that, numerous researcher has discovered various types of ransomware and tend to focus on the method of preventing and distinguishing the attack. However, there is still a lack of detailed analysis in terms of revealing the potential file infected due to ransomware behavior and only a few attention has been given in the risk level of a ransomware attack. Thus, this paper will calculate the risk assessment model for the benign and malicious registry of the executable files. The Risk Trust Index (RTI) will be used to categorize the benign and potentially dangerous file into few risk levels which is non-existing, negligible, moderate, significant, and maximum

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