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Title : Research and analysis of desiccant cooling air conditioning framework in Oman

Abstract :

An Experimental analysis in Oman was displayed to assess the execution and vitality sparing limit of a desiccant cooling and air conditioning framework made out of a silica gel bed, a split kind ventilation system (3.5 kW refrigeration) introduced in a stay with a volume of 90 m3, air conduits and a blower. The trial was made such that the rates of return air, open air and indoor air blended with the air leaving the desiccant and desiccant bed thickness could be balanced. Tests were led on a few days with generally comparable surrounding conditions. Under the test conditions in this test, a 70 mm bed thickness is suggested with a most extreme adsorption rate of 410 g/h. The ideal rates of air proportions were as per the following: 10% of open air, 10% of return air (combined at the desiccant bed channel) and 80% of indoor air blended with the dry air leaving the desiccant. The relating power sparing was around 19%. Obviously, basic financial investigation shows that the desiccant Cooling and air conditioning isn't feasible for littler air conditioning limits

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