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Title : Renewable energy projects in Latin America: Studying opportunities and barriers for green development

Abstract :

So as to consent to the COP 21 Paris Agreement, in the Latin American region, the implementation of green power projects should constitute a main pillar.  Consequently, the broadening of the power matrix must be inclined towards the consolidation of green energy and in this manner, the development of green power source ventures ought to be implemented. This article highlights the capability of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to improve green energy projects and subsequently, to acquire profits by diminishing the effect of environmental changes thanks to green consumption. Additionally, this work studies key obstructions and open doors for promoting the constructing of clean power ventures prompting Latin America's green development. This study evidenced that, so as to progress in the development of green power ventures, new laws linked to clean developments ought to be established, proposing novel plans on sustainable viewpoints along with budgetary and administrative changes. Thus, new public policies, tax benefits, and administrative instruments ought to be set up. Financing components to create green power actions ought to be both sustainable and lucrative and, this is the reason the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) should assume a fundamental part for expanding the proposal of sustainable projects as a way to survey the Kyoto Protocol's adequacy. Finally, advantages, for example, social framework ventures, through drinking water systems, emergency clinics, and schools can likewise be gotten from green projects

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