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Title : Recognizing System of Masked Faces in Social Distance in the New Normal Era Using the Viola-Jones Method Based on the Haar-Cascade Classifier

Abstract :

New Normal is a New order that can adapt to COVID-19. Indonesian people must maintain productivity in the midst of the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic. To realize the new normal scenario, the Indonesian Government and experts have formulated a protocol or Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) to ensure that people can return to their activities, but remain safe from COVID-19. One of the health protocols is to require people to wear masks. Several previous studies have designed a facial pattern recognition system, but to detect facial patterns using masks has not been the optimal solution. Therefore, this study has tried to design and analyze a facial pattern recognition system using masks using the Viola Jones method with the Haar Cascade Classifier. The Haar Cascade Classifier method is used to recognize facial patterns based on haar wavelets. The haar-like feature method is made easier with the cascade classifier adaboost. Meanwhile, the Viola Jones method is used for object detection methods by combining Haar Like Feature and has high accuracy and better performance than other eigen faces algorithms. The purpose of this study is to help the performance of the level of security in selecting facial patterns into a room that has complied with health protocols in the new normal era or not. From the test results with 50 face samples, the accuracy percentage is 92.3% and it takes a relatively short time to recognize faces using masks, which is an average of 15 seconds per sample tested

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